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Children ACT 2001

The Children’s Act 2001 is an act of parliament that makes provision for the following:

  • Parental responsibility,
  • Fostering, Adoption Custody, maintenance, Guardianship
  • Care and protection of children
  • Administration of children institutions
  • Domestication of UNCRC & ACRWC
  • The Act is currently under review to align it to the Kenya Constitution and address emerging issues on children
  • In discharging its functions , DCS makes reference to international Instruments (UNCRC), Regional Instruments( ACRWC),the Kenyan Constitution, other relevant statutes ,the Children’s Act, Policies, Manuals , guidelines , regulations and National Plan of Actions
  • In discharging its functions , DCS makes reference to the following;
    • International Instruments (UNCRC)
    • Regional Instruments( ACRWC)
    • The Kenyan Constitution,
    • the Children’s Act,
    • other relevant statutes
    • Policies
    • Manuals
    • Guidelines and regulations
    • National Plan of Actions