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Department of Children Services (DCS)
Safeguard and protect the rights and welfare of children for national prosperity as per the Children Act 2001.
Lead, oversee, plan and coordinate child protection programmes and services in Kenya.

The Children’s Act 2001 is an act of parliament that makes provision for the following:

  • Parental responsibility.
  • Fostering, Adoption Custody, maintenance, Guardianship.
  • Care and protection of children.
  • Administration of children institutions.
  • Domestication of UNCRC & ACRWC.
  • The Act is currently under review to align it to the Kenya Constitution and address emerging issues on children
  • In discharging its functions , DCS makes reference to international Instruments (UNCRC), Regional Instruments( ACRWC),the Kenyan Constitution, other relevant statutes ,the Children’s Act, Policies, Manuals , guidelines , regulations and National Plan of Actions
  • In discharging its functions , DCS makes reference to the following;
    • International Instruments (UNCRC)
    • Regional Instruments( ACRWC)
    • The Kenyan Constitution,
    • the Children’s Act,
    • other relevant statutes
    • Policies
    • Manuals
    • Guidelines and regulations
    • National Plan of Actions

A society where children enjoy their full rights responsibly
To safeguard the rights of all children in Kenya through effective implementation of relevant policies, coordination and partnerships for delivery of quality services

Core Values

  • Child Friendliness
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism

Core Pronciples

  • Best Interest of the Child
  • Non Discrimination
  • Child participation
  • Maximum survival

The Constitution of Kenya, recognizes the mandate of the Department of Children services; every child has a right to citizenship under Article 14; Article 53 (1) of the Constitution expressly provides for the rights of every child born in Kenya and Article 53 (2). A child’s best interests are of paramount importance in every matter concerning the child.

Functions of DCS
The following are the key functions of the Department of Children Services;

  • Provide appropriate services to children in need of care and protection;
  • Establish and manage statutory children institutions ( Section 47 of CA)
  • Safeguard the welfare of any child or children placed under care, by virtue of a court order;
  • Provide assistance and procure accommodation for any child not in proper custody, any child who is abandoned or any  child who is in need of refuge or safety;
  • Trace, re-integrate and provide after care services to children in need of care and protection;
  • reunify lost or abandoned children separated with their parents,  return and or re-intergrate a lost or abandoned child to his lawful place of residence;
  • Respond to cases of child abuse, neglect, exploitation and intervene on behalf of any child who is in need of care and protection and is in danger of imminent injury or harm, where possible by securing the removal of such child to a place of safety;
  • Provide and co-ordinate alternative family care services locally and internationally;
  • strengthen the capacities of families taking care of vulnerable children, separated children and children at risk;
  • provide emergency response and rescue services to children;
  • mediate, in so far as permitted under this Act, in family disputes involving children, and their parents, guardians or other persons who have parental responsibility in respect of the children, and promote family reconciliation;
  • provide psychosocial support services for children and their families;
  • build the capacity of children to participate in national, regional and international affairs;
  • establish and coordinate area advisory councils;
  • prepare and present Kenya’s state report under international and regional treaties