Community Capacity Support and Development DIVISION: Community Capacity Support and Development 2021-01-19T06:37:03+00:00

Community Capacity Support and Development
1.Community Development Policy and Community Mobilization and Groups Development.

  • Spearhead formulation, review and implementation of policies.
  • Bills on Social Development/ community development (CD).
  • Development and implementation of a national plan of action on the community development policy.
  • Development and dissemination of the Community Groups Registration Bill Develop regulation for the implementation of the Community Groups Registration Act.
  • Community mobilization, group development and registration.
  • Capacity building and empowerment of communities for social economic development.
  • Establishment and maintenance/update community development management information system (CDMIS).
  • Documentation and dissemination of best practices and innovations on community development initiatives and projects.
  • Promotion and support the application of participatory approaches in community development.
  • Promote indigenous knowledge on community development practice to enhance ownership and sustainability of interventions.
  • Promote the establishment and provide oversight to the Community Development Practitioners Professional Body.
  • Promotion of income generating activities for group development and sustainability.
  • Provide oversight to donor funded community development programmes e.g. IFAD.
  • Group conflict management and resolution.
  • Spearhead the formulation, review and dissemination of the social development policies.
  • Develop a national plan of action on the social development policy.
  • Promote the development of regulations for the implementation of the Social Development Act.

2.Support for the implementation of Social Protection programmes.

  • Liaison to Cash Transfer and Social Protection Secretariat.
  • Promotion and capacity building of BWC.
  • Spearhead development and support of social protection complimentary activities Vulnerable groups.

3.Volunteerism & Disaster Preparedness.

  • Provide Secretariat for coordination, promotion, implementation and monitoring of volunteerism.
  • Establish and maintain a database on VIOs and volunteerism programmes.
  • Development of standard national guidelines on volunteerism.
  • Promote peace building and cohesion through volunteerism in the community.
  • Liaison with VIOs and promote Partnership strengthening.