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Operations and Coordination of Field Services


The Operations and Coordination of Field Services is mandate for;

1. Planning and Policy Coordination

  • Coordinate staff welfare and HR issues e.g. staff welfare, training, PAS.
  • Coordinate development of the Departmental Plans/Service Charter in liaison with CPMU.
  • Oversee the Preparations and Participation of the UN designated Days.
  • Coordinate the Development and adoption of Social development Policies /Bills.
  • Monitor the implementation of the procurement plan.

2. Budget and Infrastructure Development

  • Coordinate Performance Contracting,monitoring and reporting.
  • Coordinate transport operations.
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Departmental Annual MPER/MTEF report.
  • Coordinate the disaggregation of the budget for field support to counties and sub counties.
  • Maintenance of departmental records of purchases and acquisition of office equipment and stores in liaison with Supply Chain Management (SCM).
  • Coordinate construction, refurbishment and maintenance of offices/institutions (field/headquarters).
  • coordinate Field communication.