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Persons with Disabilities

It has two divisions namely:

1. Protection and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities division which has the following functions;

  • Spearhead development and review of Polices and Bills in relation to persons with disabilities.
  • Awareness creation on Disability and mainstreaming.
  • Spearhead development and dissemination of a national strategy on disability mainstreamin.
  • Mobilization and empowerment of PWDs for social-economic activities.
  • Development and maintenance of databank of PWD and institutions.
  • Liaison to agencies offering support to PWD e.g. NCPWD, NFD.
  • Develop exit strategy for families with PWDs in CT programme in collaboration with SAU.
  • Collaboration with organizations of and for persons with disabilities.
  • Liaison and collaboration with UN agencies offering support to persons with disabilities; and

2. Vocational Rehabilitation Training division which has the following functions

  • Oversee skills training of PWDs in the VRCs.
  • Promote development of infrastructure to suit needs of PWDs.
  • Spearhead development and review curriculum of VRC.
  • Rehabilitation and re integration PWDs.
  • Promote entrepreneurship development and empowerment of VRC graduates (provision of start -up tool kits).
  • Promote development of Community based rehabilitation and placement.