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Department of Social Development (DSD)

The Department of Social Development currently falls under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. It has existed in various forms under different Government ministries and institutions since pre-colonial times. The mandates and functions of the Department have also changed over time.

The core duties carried by officers in the Department have historically focused on the welfare of the family, women, Children, older persons and other vulnerable groups with special attention accorded to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

The main objective of the Department of Social Development is to mobilize and empower individuals, families, groups and communities to facilitate the process of social change for growth and improved livelihoods.


Empowered families and communities for sustainable socio-economic development.


To build capacities and enhance protection of individuals, families and communities for improved livelihoods.


The mandate of the Department of Social Development as derived from the Executive Order No. 1 of 2018 includes:-

  • Policies on Social Development.
  • Policy and Programmes for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs).
  • Vocational training and rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities.
  • National Volunteerism policy.
  • Policy and programs for older persons.
  • Community Development Policy.
  • Community mobilization.
  • Registration of Self help groups.
  • Family Protection Policy.
  • Social Assistance Programmes.

Structure of Department of Social Development (DSD)

Director for Social Development: Josephine Muriuki
Heads of Divisions

  1. Community Capacity Support and Development: Winnie Mwasiaji.
  2. Persons with Disabilities: Phoebe Nyagudi.
  3. Family Promotion and Social Welfare: Susan Mutungi.
  4. Operations and Coordination of Field Services: Jane Thiga.

Field Officers

  1. County Coordinators.
  2. Sub County Officers.

Legal Framework

Institutional Frameworks/ Guidelines

  • Training Manual on Community Development.
  • Draft National Disability Mainstreaming Strategy.
  • Draft National Plan of Action on the implementation of the National Policy on Older Persons and Ageing; and
  • National Guidelines for Establishment and Management of Institutions for Older Persons.
  • National Plan of Action on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2015-2022.

Functions of the Department of Social Development (DSD)

The Department executes its mandate through programmes/ Divisions which further cascades for the implementation at the County and Sub County level.

The following are the Divisions at the Headquarters level;