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Safer Internet Day

Addressing distinguished audience gathered to commemorate Safer Internet Day in Nakuru County, a global initiative aimed at promoting the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people, under the theme "Together for a better internet," the Principal Secretary State Department for social protection Mr. Joseph. M.  Motari highlighted Kenya's commitment to safeguarding children from online exploitation.
While emphasizing the country's membership in the WeProtect Global Alliance and adherence to constitutional provisions and the Children Act of 2022, the State Department outlined a comprehensive five-year National Plan of Action to Tackle Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, focusing on legal frameworks, prevention, capacity building, and support services.
Acknowledging the transformative impact of the digital revolution, The State Department is dedicated to revolutionizing our digital infrastructure to optimize the creative economy. However, with the benefits of the internet come significant risks, including the proliferation of illegal content and increased instances of online exploitation.
In collaboration with various stakeholders, the State Department unveiled the Standard Operating Procedures on Online Abuse, offering essential guidelines for combatting online exploitation. This milestone marks a significant stride in Kenya's endeavors to safeguard children in the digital realm. The event emphasized the necessity for unified action to cultivate a safer online environment.

By: Selly Muhonja - PCO