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About Us

Vision Statement

A society where communities are empowered and vulnerable groups enjoy equal rights, opportunities and a high quality of life.

Mission Statement

To coordinate community empowerment and promote the rights and welfare of vulnerable persons, as a fundamental part of national development through provision of child and social protection services.


The State Department is mandated with:

  • Senior Citizens Policy; 
  • Vocational Training and Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities;
  • National Volunteerism Policy; 
  • Policy and Programmes for Persons with Disabilities; 
  • Policy and Programmes for Older Persons; 
  • Management of Statutory Children's Institutions; 
  • Community Development Policy;
  • Community Mobilization; Registration of Self Help groups; 
  • Protection and Advocacy of Needs of Persons with Disabilities; 
  • Social Assistance Programmes; 
  • Family Protection Policy; 
  • Rehabilitation of Street Families; 
  • Policies on Children and Social Development; 
  • Counter Trafficking in Persons; 
  • Children Welfare and Penal Protection; 
  • Support for Matrimonial and Succession Laws and Policies. 


Core Values

  • Customer focused;
  • Result Oriented;
  • Child friendly;
  • Sensitivity to vulnerable groups;
  • Stakeholder’s participation;
  • Transparency & accountability.