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CPIMS Statutory Institution Module Launch at Kabete Rehabilitation Center

The Directorate of Children Services (DCS) on 3rd April, 2023 unveiled the Child Protection Information Management System (CPIMS) Statutory Institution Module at the Kabete Rehabilitation Center, guided by the theme "Data for evidence-based programming in child protection." The launch, represents a significant step on child welfare, to establish a centralized database for effectively managing information concerning vulnerable children.
Representing the Principal Secretary of the State Department for Social Protection and Senior Citizen Affairs was Mr. Benson Mugo, the Secretary Administration the State Department. In his remarks, Mr. Benson highlighted the significance of data in helping to track achievements.  
Through the CPIMS, an automated system designed to capture, store, analyze, and generate reports, DCS will be in a capacity to achieve its mandate of maintaining up-to-date records and data on the management of children's services. The system generates timely, reliable, and accurate reports for evidence-based programming and decision-making on matters of child protection.
The launch of CPIMS Statutory Institution Module marks a significant milestone in the journey towards strengthening child protection systems in the country. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, CPIMS holds the promise of revolutionizing the way statutory institutions handle child welfare cases, ultimately safeguarding the rights and well-being of vulnerable children across the nation.
In collaboration with stakeholders; Changing the Way We Care, Children's Village Kenya, USAID-HealthIt, UNODC, the Nairobi County Commissioner among other dignitaries graced the occasion. 

By Michael Odida