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About DCS

Background Information

The Directorate has been charged with implementation of Article 53 of the Constitution and Children Act, 2022. It  has established offices in the  8 regions, forty-seven (47) Counties and three hundred and twenty (320) Sub Counties. These offices provide essential services to vulnerable children. The Directorate manages  30 Statutory Institutions for Children as follows: - Fourteen (14) Remand Homes, five (5) Rescue Children ‘s Centres, Nine (9) Rehabilitation Schools two (2) Reception and Classification Centres, Six (6) Child protection Centres and One (1) Child – Helpline 116. 

The Directorate acts as a secretariat for Counter Trafficking in persons and National Assistance Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons. 

To effectively undertake its mandate, the Directorate of Children’s Services is organized into eight Departments: Planning and Development. Community Child Support, Child Protection, Child Online Protection, Strategic Intervention, Children Institutions, Alternative Family Care, Counter Trafficking in Person.