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Services DSA

Services in DSA

The overall objective of the programme is to encourage fostering and retention of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) within their families and communities, and to promote their human capital development. Specifically, the programme aims to:

  1. Increase the enrolment, attendance and transition of OVCs in basic education;
  2. Reduce the rates of mortality and morbidity in children aged five years and under, particularly through increasing the uptake of immunization, growth monitoring and vitamin A supplementation;
  3. Promote household food consumption and food security;
  4. Encourage civil registration of children and caregivers; and
  5. Improve household knowledge and appropriate case management for individuals with special needs through coordination with other service providers.

The set eligibility criteria for the CT-OVC programme include:

  1. extremely poor Kenyan household with one or more OVCs as a permanent member;
  2. a household with a caregiver who is chronically ill and unable to perform his/her duties;
  3. a household not benefiting from any social assistance programme with exception of a household having OP-CT beneficiary; and
  4. a household that has resided in a particular location for more than a year.

In 2017, through a Presidential directive, the OPCT was enhanced and changed from being a targeted household based programme for persons aged 65 years and above to a universal benefit for persons aged 70 years and above. The eligibility criteria for registration of 70 years and above programme beneficiaries is as following: 

  1. One must be a Kenyan citizen aged 70 years and above and a holder of a valid Kenyan National Identification Card (ID);
  2. Should have a caregiver with a valid Kenyan National ID; and
  3. The person should be a resident in a particular location for a minimum of a year.


  1. Priority will be given to those not receiving pension; and
  2. An OPCT beneficiary can be a caregiver of PWSD-CT or CT-OVC Programme.

The objective of the programme is to enhance the capacities of the caregivers to improve the livelihoods of persons with severe disabilities (PWSDs) and mitigating the effects of disability on the households.

The eligibility criteria for PwSD-CT include:

  1. an extremely poor household with a person(s) with severe disability;
  2. a household not enrolled in any programme with exception of an OPCT beneficiary;
  3. The beneficiary is a Kenyan citizen; and
  4. The household should have been in existence in that location for a minimum of 1 year.

NB: The These programs are being implemented in the 290 Constituencies in the 47 Counties. 

This is a channel that beneficiaries/caregivers and member of the public can use to engage with the programme. The toll-free line operates on Mondays to Fridays between 8.00 a.m. and 5 p.m. and supports users of Safaricom mobile service provider. 


Other than the three regular programs mentioned above, DSA also implements payments for Economic Inclusion Programme (EIP) and Nutrition Improvements through Cash and Health Education (NICHE) complimentary programmes domiciled in the Directorates of Social Development and Children services respectively.